Over this past weekend, Dr. Mannering completed LSU School of Dentistry’s Orofacial Pain Continuum in New Orleans. The coursework was designed for health care professionals to better recognize and diagnose the causes of orofacial pain such as TMD and sleep disorders.

The final session of the five-part continuing education series put Dr. Mannering and her colleagues in the lab for a head and neck dissection. Emphasis was placed on the relationship of structures in the oral and nasal cavities to the causes of orofacial pain, further aided by perspectives from neurology, psychology, radiology, and physical therapy to better support advanced diagnoses. Dr. Mannering also learned more about the nuances of diagnosing TMD and airway insufficiencies due to each patient’s unique head and neck anatomy and completed the series by giving a clinical presentation to illustrate how the concepts she learned will help in providing better care for our patients.

Of course, it wasn’t all business in the Big Easy! In addition to reconnecting with her colleagues from the Pankey Institute, Dr. Mannering made new friends from Helsinki and enjoyed time with them in the French Quarter and the Warehouse District.

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