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“I've been going to Margie Mannering for about 3-4 years now and I am very very impressed! 

I want to say right up front that I'm pretty obsessed with keeping my teeth & gums healthy and my smile in top shape. Having said that, I don't love dental work (who does?)  but at my age I do need it, (crown restorations etc)  and so if I'm going to succumb, I want it to be worth it!

I have been to several dentist (5-6) over the years and she is The BEST so far!
She is a perfectionist (is a good way) & so thorough & dedicated to the best outcomes for all her patients! 
Her office is very pleasant & inviting & super clean and organized.
Her hygienist, Lynn, has the same high standards that she does, and Dr. Mannering does a great job a hiring and training her assistants.

I am a throughly satisfied customer!“

Kathy C. on 8/2/2018

"Best care your teeth will ever have. Dr. Mannering is very caring, thorough and very gentle, too.  Lynn the hygenist deep cleans my teeth and gums so well that I actually look forward to getting my teeth cleaned 3x:year vs the 2x my insurance covers. The office is immaculate and modern.  Dr. Mannering will walk you through each step of any procedures. If you value your teeth don't go anywhere else."

KK M. on 05/02/2018


"Awesome person and dentist.  Despite a scheduling snafu that was my fault, she rose to the occasion to help my painful condition."

Gregory D. on 3/28/2018


"Dr Mannering came highly recommended & still exceeded expectations. Her very modern office is beautifully done and spotless, a serene atmosphere! Every staff member was welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr Mannering takes her time to listen & work closely with you on achieving your best dental health."

Jennifer K. on 1/19/2018


"Dr. Mannering has been my dentist for over a decade now.  She is in a new location on Michigan Avenue, and the office is very bright and open in a secure building.  Her long-time dental hygienist, Lynn, has been one of the best I've ever gone to and is extremely thorough yet doesn't keep me in the chair any longer than necessary.  Dr. Mannering a/k/a Margie, has a great bedside manner and has done extensive work on me, so it really matters.  She has corrected many of my dental issues that had been caused by other dentists years ago.  If only I had started with her, it would have saved me countless years of problems and a ton of money, too.  I highly recommend this dentist and have referred friends and family to her."

Monica D. on 12/12/2017


"Dr. Mannering and her team provide an amazing level of care and guidance! We've been patients for many years and are very grateful for all their support over the years. We constantly get compliments on our teeth and have referred many friends who have had the same experience!  Simply the best!"

Tim V. on 7/18/2017


"I've been going to Dr. Mannering for years and have had only good experiences. Enough said."

Marc M. on 3/7/2017


"Best ever. The feel of the office is clean and bright.  I have been coming to Margie for many years she is truly the best."

Renny M. on 10/26/2016


"Dr. Mannering restored my hope in dentistry. I don't have adequate words to describe how much I appreciate her detail to attention and her genuine care for me as a patient.

I have been dealing with a complicated TMJ issue triggered by a crown insertion two years ago. I have searched high and low, and I have seen many top dentists, from Panky to neuromuscular specialists to restore my bite. November 2015, I was referred to Dr. Mannering by her colleague, my dentist at that time, another highly regarded Panky dentist.

Dr. Mannering made a new orthotic for me, she spent hours, tirelessly adjust my orthotic to fit my teeth as my bite shifts. She has been there for me answering questions in every critical and challenging situation, MANY times outside her work hours. After two years of visiting dentists on a regular basis, I had my moments of regrets and despair. Dr. Mannering said to me: "you should have done everything you did. You are going to write a new story with me and that is going to be a good story." It is so brilliantly said and quite profound that I apply the thoughts for other situations in life. I appreciate that Dr. Mannering ask the question what do you want to do. It helps me as a patient to get in touch with my own intuitions. I am a believer that doctors and patients work as a team. I have had doctors honestly told me that they were not confident in taking my case, I don't blame them. If Dr. Mannering is in her work for profit, she would not have taken my case. I am grateful that she is willing to take on this challenging case with compassion and confidence to help me restore my health.   

Dr. Mannering is also very open minded and knowledgeable to holistic approach. Which is an amazing quality I have rarely seen in dentists and her perspective has been very helpful to me. With her help in the past 8 month, my headache is 90% gone, and I am hopeful to restore my bite. I am very thankful that I found Dr. Mannering.  Before I found her, I started a new search in the country, and I seriously thought I may have to be prepared to travel or relocate in order to restore my teeth.

Her office is beautiful, airy and modern. Sitting in her waiting area browsing photography books feels like sitting in a lovely coffee shop. Too bad there has been no waiting time for me so I could not stay for long in the waiting area. I agree with other reviews, that her assistance and every single person in the office go above and beyond to make my experience comfortable and they helped me with my insurance claim process as easy as it can be. Like most people I am not overjoyed with dentist visits, but it has been the most pleasant experience to visit Dr. Mannering. 

Thank you!"

Sharon J. on 7/17/2016


"Dr. Mannering is the best dentist ever!
I have been going to her for almost 20 years. 
Dr. Mannering is professional, personable and a stickler to detail. If there is a problem she will solve it but not without first doing all of the homework and weighing out all options. 
Also ... Don't be afraid to get your teeth cleaned because the hygienist Lynn is very gentle. 
I have sent my family members to Dr. Mannering and we all are happy to have her on our side."

Sissy M. on 6/23/2016


"The minute you walk in the door and you see and feel the style and comfort of the office.
From the receptionist to Dr Mannering you can't find a office that makes you feel as good as you can in a dental office.
Dr mannering attention to detail is that of a great Masters artist. Pure Perfection."

Howard H. on 6/14/2016


"I am very pleased with the dental care that I'm getting from Dr. Mannering and her associates.  I was referred by a friend who was already seeing with Dr. Mannering, and she wasn't wrong to make this recommendation.  The problems I was having were identified and explained to me, the deficiencies of my previous treatment were articulated clearly, and a clear treatment program was outlined that included remedial care, cleaning and preventive care going forward, and the involvement of a periodontist for gum treatment and implants.  

Nothing good is cheap, and this isn't either, but the treatment has all been broken out and explained, and I'm also very happy with the periodontist to which I was referred.

The only problem I have had is one of scheduling, where the office is running late.  This happened two appoints in a row, first 15 minutes (forgivable), then nearly half an hour (not so great, but late in the day).  I wasn't happy, and made that known, and before the next appointment they had instituted a text alert system so that if the dentist or hygienist are running late, on time, or early, I am now told to delay, show up on time, or come early if it's convenient.  We all make mistakes and are far from perfect, but I am so pleased to have a service provider who, once aware of a problem, solves it.

I am very happy with Dr. Mannering, Lynn, the hygienist, Angelina, the dental assistant, and Brittany and Brandon.  This is a great place for dentistry."

Ted W. on 5/26/2016